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  • Mrs A Duda
  • Mrs C Hingston

Learning Support Assistants:

  • Mrs M Owen
  • Mrs A Westgate
  • Mrs J Milligan
  • Miss S Pattenden
  • Mrs D Tobin
  • Mrs M Wainhouse
  • Ms E Ogden
  • Miss H Shaw
  • Mrs L Donovan
  • Mrs R Murray
  • Miss S Powell
  • Mrs H O’Donoghue
  • Miss J Churchill
  • Mr B Drury
  • Mrs C Fenn
  • Mrs L Rowe-Swaine
  • Mrs L Jeffryes
  • Miss S Cole
  • Mrs S Staples-Attah
  • Mrs M King
  • Mrs L Ferrett
  • Mrs H Church
  • Mrs K Edwards
  • Miss A Donnelly
  • Mrs K Selby
  • Mrs L Hulbert
  • Miss M Forde
  • Miss I Iqbal

The Milton Mount SENDCos co-ordinate the provision for all children with Special Needs and Disabilities at Milton Mount. They work alongside parents, teachers, support staff and other agencies to ensure that children are happy, settled and making progress at school. They support staff in tailoring the curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs so that they are enabled to make the very best progress possible.

Please discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child’s learning or well-being with their class teacher initially. They will be able to refer you to a SENDCo to discuss any issues if this is necessary.

When children are identified as requiring support for any area of special need, parents will be consulted regularly in order for their views and those of their child to be taken into consideration. If a child would benefit from the involvement of other agencies such as the school nurse or a speech and language therapist, parents consent will always be sought before such appointments are made.