Rocking Rights

As a Rights Respecting School we work hard to promote and respect the Rights of the Child which is outlined in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. Milton Mount School is always striving to become an even better Rights Respecting School. We were delighted to have achieved UNICEF’s level 1 award in 2013 and are incredibly proud to have now achieved their ‘Gold Award’ in 2018. At Milton Mount, we link the rights of the child with British Values.

For more information about the UN convention please follow this link

Please see below for the Rights Respecting School Gold Award report:

RRS Gold Award Report

The Rocking Rights Respecting Group

This group is made up of children and adults. It leads the school in learning about children’s rights as set out in the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC.) This lays out for governments the rights of every child in the world. The Articles of the Convention say what every child needs to be able to grow up safe, happy and well.

The Rights Respecting Reps meet regularly on Fridays and work hard on a variety of projects. They have created a Rights Respecting leaflet for our parents, planned and carried out different assemblies and created displays for the hall. The children are currently working on the WorthLess Campaign. They will be writing to our local MP and to the Education Secretary to persuade them to provide fairer funding for West Sussex schools.

What difference does it make?

We have put the UNCRC at the heart of our school ethos and policies to ensure that all of our pupils have the opportunity to become active and empowered global citizens. Teaching the children about their rights encourages them to treat each other respectfully and enriches their learning behaviour.

Rights Respecting Schools in Action

The children learn about the CRC in many different ways. We have PSHE lessons every week which link directly with the CRC and British Values. The children also attend assemblies about their rights and participate in special focus activities such as Rocking Rights Day, OutRight Week and Day for Change. The staff also work hard to teach the children about the CRC through their topics.

At the start of every year, the class work together to learn about the UNCRC and use the articles to make a class charter.

Want to Know More?

Click the links below to see the leaflet which was designed by the Rocking Rights Reps and to view a PowerPoint which was shared at one of our recent parent forums.

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