Governor’s Voice

Within this section you will find all the latest information regarding our Governing Body.

Lesley King – Local Authority Governor and Chair of Governors

I passionately believe that all children deserve the best possible start in life, so I became a parent governor once both my children were at school, they are now both at secondary school.

I am appointed by the Local Authority and have been Chair for over five years and have served on various committees from both the resources and learning side. My main role is to oversee the governing body and ensure we are doing the best job that we can.

I work closely with the Headship Team and I am often in school. I love what I do, despite the time commitment and challenges!

In another lifetime I worked in retail management.


Anne Holmes – Head Teacher

The Head Teacher is automatically a member of the Governing body.


Jo Laker – Parent Governor

“I was elected as a Parent Governor in January 2017, so I am very new to the role and have a lot more to learn, but I am enjoying getting to know more about the school, its pupils, staff and governors.

I was keen to become a governor to make use of the experience I have gained during my career to support the school. I have worked in the Civil Service for 14 years in various positions. I have worked in operational and policy roles and I now work in strategy and change looking at ways to improve casework capabilities.

My twin boys started reception in September 2016 so we are all new to the school, but we have settled in well and I look forward to a long involvement with the school.”


Chris Poole Governor – Resources Committee

Kirtibara Patel Governor – Resources Committee

Alastair Hitchman Governor – Resources Committee

Diraj Shetty Governor – Learning Committee

David Byrne Governor – Learning Committee

Subana Chowdhury Governor – Learning Committee


Associate members (no voting rights)

Associate Governors – these are people who have special skills or perform certain roles that the Governing body values immensely. Whilst they are not able to vote at Governor meetings their knowledge and experience makes an important contribution.


In addition four key members of the Milton Mount staff are classified as Associates.

These are:-

Carrie Maynard – Deputy Headteacher, invited to Learning Meetings and Full Governing Body (FGB).

Lee O’Mahony – Deputy Headteacher, invited to Learning Meetings and Full Governing Body (FGB).

Sam Hill – Premises Officer, invited to Resources Meetings.

Miss K Border – Finance Manager, invited to Resources and FGB meetings when needed to Associate governors.