Chair of Governors
Mrs Lesley King
Mr Kevin Pask
Resources Committee
Mrs A Homes, Mrs M Towning, Mrs K Buss, Mrs K Sprostranova, Miss K Border, Mrs L King (Chair), Mr C Poole, Mrs J Jones
Learning Committee
Mrs L King, Mrs A Homes, Mr K Pask (Chair), Mrs M Towning, Ms L Bear, Mrs S Beedell, Mrs C Overton, Mrs L O’Mahony
Pay Committee
Mrs M Towning (Chair), Mr K Pask, Mrs A Holmes
Staff Disciplinary/Grievance/Dismissal Redeployment Committee
Non-staff governors will for a pool to form this committee
Staff Disciplinary/Grievance/Dismissal Redeployment Appeals Committee
Non-staff governors will form a pool to form this committee
Pupil Disciplinary and Exclusion Committee
Non-staff governors will form a pool to form this committee

Note: Associate governors have no voting rights on the committees for which they have been appointed.

Governor’s Statutory Details 2016/2017

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date Left Type of Governor Pecuniary Interests Attendance at Meetings Last 12 Months
FGB Committee
Mrs Lesley King 03/10/07 4 years from 15/10/17 LAC None 5 8
Mrs Anne Holmes 01/09/08 Head None 4 11
Mr Kevin Pask 10/10/08 4 years * Co-opted None 4 7
Mrs Maria Towning 10/11/08 4years * Co-opted None 5 10
Ms Lucy Bear 14/06/13 4years * Co-opted None 3 3
Mrs J Laker 01/01/17 4 years Parent None 3 3
Mrs Sam Beedell 07/05/14 4 years Parent None 5 1
Mrs Kim Buss 03/06/15 4 years Staff None 2 5
Mr Chris Poole 01/10/15 4 years Co-opted None 4 2
Mrs Kirti Patel 01/10/17 4 years Co-opted None
Mrs Jane Jones 26/10/16 4 years Associate None
Mrs C Maynard 4 years Associate None 5 3
Mrs Kari Sprostranova 21/11/13 4 years * Associate None
Mrs L O’Mahony 20/06/16 4 years Associate None 4 3
Miss K Border 08/06/16 4 years Associate None 1 5
Mr S Hill 01/2018 4 years Associate None
Mr A Skinner 06/10/16 4 years 09/17 Associate None 1
Mrs E Cobb 11/02/16 4 years 03/17 Associate None 2 1

*Note – Term of Office runs from 22/04/15 when governing body was reconstituted