Statutory Information

The Governing Body of Milton Mount Primary School has 10 members:

2 Parent Governors elected by the parent body

1 Local Authority Governor appointed by the Local Authority

1 Staff Governor elected by the school staff

1 Head Teacher

5 Co-opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body based upon skills and experience

All Governors are elected/appointed for four years.

Our Governors are:

Mrs A Holmes (Head Teacher)

Mrs L King ( Local Authority) Lesley King Profile

Mrs J Laker ( Parent)   Jo Laker Profile

Mr C Poole ( Co-opted)

Mr D Byrne ( Co-opted)

Mrs S Chowdhury ( Co-opted)   Subana Chowdhury Profile

Ms V Williams ( Co-opted)    Victoria Williams Profile

Mrs N Smith (Staff)

There are currently 2 vacancies.

There are 3 Associate Members:

Mrs C Overton

Ms L O’Mahoney

Ms K Border

Mrs V Dellow-Wood

Associate members have no voting rights.

The Clerk to Governors is Mrs Claire Creed.


The Governing Body operates with a Resources Committee and Pay Committee. All other meetings are Full Governing Body meetings which are held at least once per term.

Resources Committee
Jo Laker, Lesley King, Vic Williams, Chris Poole, Anne Holmes, Karen Border
Pay Committee
Jo Laker, Dave Byrne, Lesley King
Disciplinary /Complaints/Exclusion Panel
3 Non-staff governors will form a panel as necessary
Disciplinary/Complaints/Exclusion Appeals Panel
3 Non-staff governors will form a panel as necessary


Governor’s Statutory Details

2018-2019 Attendance Record: Governor Attendance 2018-2019

2018-2019 Register of Interests: The Governing Body of Milton Mount 2018-2019

2017-2018 Attendance Record: Governor attendance 2017-2018

2017-2018 Register of Interests: Governing Body of Milton Mount Primary School – Dec 2018