Absence / Attendance

Children need to be in school to be able to learn and to reach their full potential.

Regular, punctual attendance sets good habits for their future lives and is important for a child’s socialisation.

We expect children to achieve at least 97% attendance during the school year. Each day’s absence equates to 2 absence marks.

Medical and holiday absences reduce your child’s total attendance.

Children are at school for 190 days per year. This leaves 175 days for holidays, treats, etc.

We celebrate excellent attendance with certificates.


COVID UPDATE – Currently, school start and end times are staggered. These are organised by family surname but we work closely with families who need an alternation to this because of work commitments or family circumstances.

Drop off times:

8:50am A-G

9:00am H-O

9:10am P-Z


End of day:

2:50pm A-G

3:00pm H-O

3:10pm P-Z


Medical Appointment

Please arrange these outside of school time if possible.

COVID UPDATE – In order to minimise footfall in school, we ask that if your child has to have a medical appointment during the school day, they are absent for the whole morning or afternoon session. Children who are absent for the morning can be dropped off at 1pm and children who are missing the afternoon session can be collected from school at 12pm.



COVID UPDATE – please check the following link for information on the latest guidance about Covid-19 symptoms. Covid-19 symptoms

Please do not send your child to school if they have been sick or have a temperature. If you are unsure whether your child should be in school please speak to one of our Medical Room Assistants. Please contact the school on the first day of absence, by telephone to 01293 537158, by email to absence@miltonmount.co.uk or by using the Studybugs App studybugs.com/ 

If we have not heard from you on the first day of absence, we will contact you.

Family holidays

Under Government regulations, which come into effect on 1 st September 2013, headteachers are no longer permitted to authorise any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional and/or unavoidable circumstances. It is anticipated that such situations will be rare and any requests must clearly demonstrate why the circumstances are exceptional/unavoidable and can only be undertaken in term time.

Any periods of leave which are taken will therefore be classed as unauthorised and absences of 5 or more days will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice fine. A guide about these fines is attached below.

Please discuss all plans for absence in advance with the Headteacher.

Attached files:
Attendance & Punctuality Policy
Fixed Penalty Notice Guide
Withdrawal from Learning Form