In Reception, we aim to make the transition into school as seamless as possible and work closely with parents and carers to share their child’s learning journey and progress. Through our carefully planned provision opportunities the children are supported and challenged while learning through play. Our child centred holistic approach ensures that all children develop a love of learning. This includes making friends, exploring nature, dress up days, visiting the woods, cooking, mysteries to solve, experiencing new things that build on our prime areas of development and most importantly – having fun!





In Reception your homework is to read/share a book five times per week and record this on the reading record sheet. We will send home new books and a phonics activity in your reading pack on a Friday.

A letter called 'This week in Early Years' goes out on Tapestry every Friday with suggestions for home learning activities. These will help support what we are learning in school.


Meet the Team

Welcome to Reception (Early Years).
There are 3 classes in Reception: Owlets, Ducklings and Goslings.

Team Leader Mrs L Knott (Ducklings)
Teachers Mrs C Harris (Goslings)
Mrs S Ward (Owlets)
Mrs N Thomas (Owlets)
Mrs J Searles (Goslings)
Teaching Assistants Mrs K Cummings (Goslings)
Mrs A Westgate (Ducklings)
Mrs M Owen (Owlets)
Mrs R Smith (Ducklings)

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.

Spring 2022

We have had a very exciting start to the year in Early Years. Our topic has been, ‘What makes a hero?’ and we have learnt that we have real heroes all around us. We started off meeting the  different people who help us in school like Mrs Butcher who helps us in the medical room, and Mr Sam who helps keep the school safe and clean, and fixes everything. We sadly couldn’t have any other visitors but we watched videos to help us learn about the fire service, police and dentists.

We learnt how to keep our teeth clean and healthy by sorting food we should eat a lot of and foods we should only eat a little bit of. We learnt about brushing our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day and  visiting the dentist for a check-up!

Then, we had a catastrophe! Our Croc (who helps us in phonics) was missing! We found a note from the Evil Pea to say he had taken Croc hostage. We leapt into action making wanted posters and making traps to catch the pea. We received a video message from Supertato saying we had to become Superheroes to defeat the evil pea. This meant completing challenges to be strong, brave and kind.

Our hard work paid off and we eventually managed to capture the Evil Pea, rescue Croc, and  become certified Superheroes.

It’s been a busy half term and we’re ready for a rest, ready to embrace our learning next half term and find out - ‘What’s in the pond?’