I have added resources which help support emotional wellbeing particularly during this uncertain time where we will all experience different emotions and will have different ways of coping. It is normal to feel a range of emotions and these can change throughout the day. It is important that these emotions do not become unmanageable.

Self-regulation helps to manage emotions and behaviours when faced with a situation that is difficult to handle. Finding strategies that help to self-regulate are important to calm us and support us to face problems or situations with a clearer, more positive mindset.

Mindfulness helps us to pay attention to the present moment and can improve mental wellbeing. It can positively change the way we feel about life and how we approach challenges. Many of the resources focus on this technique.

Remember to keep talking to an adult at home about how you are feeling. It is important to offload any worries or negative thoughts. Being able to express ourselves aids our emotional wellbeing.


MASH – Single point of contact for all safeguarding concerns.(If you believe a child to be in immediate danger, please call 999)

 Tel: 01403 229900

Email: WSChildrenservices@westsussex.gov.uk


Early Help – supports families to improve their situation and prevent the need for prolonged support. The sooner a family receives the right support, the sooner they are able to do this. Early Help offers support to parents and carers who have worries or concerns about their child.



Children’s Wellbeing Information

Apps and Support for Children

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Children’s Wellbeing Booklist



The Huge Bag of Worries – Virginia Ironside

The Invisible String – Patrice Karst

Owl Babies – Martin Waddell

The Worrysaurus – Rachel Bright

A Volcano in my Tummy – Elaine Whitehouse and Cliff Wright

No Matter What – Debi Gliori

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse – Charlie Mackesy


Wellbeing Resources

Please go to the following link, for Support Free resources –