Year 1

This year we will be covering lots of exciting and interesting topics including; Hear Us Roar, Into the Woods, There’s no place like home, Where to Keep your Dragon, We Can Be Heroes and Fee Fi Fo Fum. We hope that this will engage and inspire the children allowing their love for learning to grow!

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team.

Please find below our curriculum overview for the autumn term:



You will be given homework every Thursday and this should be returned to your class teacher by the following Tuesday.  It will include reading, spellings and maths.  You can find your latest homework below.

Don't forget to read every night!

Meet the Team

Welcome to Year One (Key Stage 1).
There are 3 classes in Year One; Berry, Acorn and Catkins.

Team Leader Mrs L O'Connor (Berry)
Teachers Mrs K Walton (Catkin)
Mrs K Jones (Acorn)
Mrs A Sahota (Acorn)
Teaching Assistants Miss M Hame-Rees
Mrs S Amad
Mrs C Bennett
Mrs M Owen
Mrs T Keleher

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.

Year 1

In DT we made and designed our own clay aliens! We got to design, create and paint our aliens. We then evaluated them saying what we liked and what we would like to change. They look super cool and scary!

On Rights Respecting day our focus was 'Every child has a right to a shelter'. We learnt what a shelter is and what makes a good shelter. We got to spend the day building shelters from construction, boxes and we even got to go into the forest to build shelters from sticks!

In English we learnt about the story 'We're going on a Bear hunt'. We went on a bear hunt to see if we could find any bears. We had lots of fun stomping through the forest! When we came back we tried to retell the story together and we even wrote our own bear hunt stories.

In Music we experimented and explored different musical instruments. We learnt how to play them quietly and loudly. We then chose different instruments which we thought would suit the different parts of the bear hunt story. This was very noisy and great fun!

In maths we have been learning positional and directional language. We had a go at giving directions to find the class toy- luckily we found him! We then had treasure maps and wrote instructions on how to find the treasure.

We have also been learning about fractions. We practised cutting the pizza in half and into quarters so that we could share it out fairly and equally. We all got to eat a slice too- It was delicious!