Year 4

We have linked all of our learning to 2 fantastic books by J.K. Rowling: ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ Have a look at our page ‘What We Have Been Up To’ to see all we have achieved so far.

Please find below our knowledge organiser for the autumn term:

Year 4 Knowledge organiser – Egyptian




You will be given homework every Wednesday and this should be returned to your class teacher by the following Monday. It will include reading, spellings and maths. You can find your latest homework below.

  • For maths you will need to complete 1 strip
  • Practice your spellings
  • Make a record of the page number you read to in your reading journal

If you would like to, you can also write comments or answer some of the questions on your book marks in your reading journal too.

Don't forget to read every night!

Meet the Team

Welcome to Year Four (Key Stage 2).
There are 3 classes in Year Four; Chestnut, Beech and Hazel.

Team Leader Mrs E Collins (Chestnut)
Teachers Mrs C Harrison (Hazel)
Mr B Dempster (Beech)
Mrs D Oliver (Hazel)
Mrs S Bryan (Chestnut)
Teaching Assistants Mrs C Fenn
Mrs S Amad

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.


As our stunning start to the year and number of fantastic beasts were released in to the school, one of which had bitten the class teacher! Year 4 had to disarm the creatures using the correct spells and wand moves in order to find the cure for the teacher’s bites!

As wizards concerned with magical beasts we discovered a new kind of dragon in the wild. Here are some pictures of our work.

Harry Potter World

Year 4 visited Harry Potter World to learn about how to turn a book into a film.


In science we created potions using our chemistry skills and explored the best materials to keep a dragon egg warm.

We have been learning to draw dragons and exploring sculpture using willow withes. We have named our Dragon 'Norbert'.

Next term we will be learning all about Chocolate! Watch this space for more exciting pictures.