Year 5

Year 5 begins with a trip back in time to the Victorian era. Through this topic the children learn about the reign of Queen Victoria, the lives of working children, schools in Victorian times and of the many life changing inventions that originated from this time. The children also focus on the life and work of the painter, William Morris. After studying his work, they create their own masterpieces in the style of William Morris. In English, the children focus on the fantastic stories of Street Child, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol.

In the Spring term, the children move across the world and study India. Through this topic, the children learn about cultures and beliefs of many of the people in India. They learn about its rich wildlife and study the classic story, The Jungle Book. After half term, the topic changes to Ancient Greece. The children learn about the huge impact that this ancient civilisation had on the world that we live in today and about the daily lives of the people that lived in this era. The children also compare life in Ancient Greece to life in modern Greece. In English, the wonderful Greek myths and legends are used to inspire the children’s writing.

The year ends with the topic, The Earth and Beyond. In this topic the children will investigate the planet Earth, its topography, habitats and the effect that pollution has had on it. They will also expand their knowledge and understanding of the sun, moon and planets in space. One of the most exciting events of year 5 happens in this term – the residential to Goodwood. Over the three days that the children are away, they visit an RSPB centre (either Pagham Harbour or Pulborough Brooks) to learn about different habitats and the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust in Arundel to find out about adaptations in animals. They also get the amazing experience of staying on the Goodwood Estate, visiting the farm at Goodwood and building shelters in the woods.

In PE across the year, the children take part in lessons about gymnastics, netball, football, athletics, dance, stoolball and rounders. They also learn how to become young play leaders.

Please find below our knowledge organiser for the autumn term:

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – TUDORS



You will receive homework every Wednesday and this should be completed and returned to your class teacher by the following Monday. It will include reading, spellings and maths. Please see below for your latest homework.

  • Practise your spellings
  • Read for 10 minutes a night and bring in your reading journal on a Monday

Meet the Team

Welcome to Year Five (Key Stage 2).
There are 3 classes in Year Five; Willow, Sycamore and Hornbeam.

Team Leader Mrs R Dando (Willow)
Teachers Mrs C Hingston (Sycamore)
Mrs Y Swinson (Hornbeam)
Teaching Assistants Mrs H O'Donoghue
Mrs D Tobin
Mrs L Rowe-Swaine
Miss J Churchill

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.

Year 5

This term has been very busy. We started the year with a Rocking Rights Day and have spent many days as Victorian children. We have been to Preston Manor and we have had a Victorian school day. On both of these occasions, we have dressed up as Victorians and role-played what it would be like to live in the Victorian era - it was very different to how we live today.

We have also been busy learning about forces in science. We investigated how a parachute works and designed the best possible parachute for one of the year three teachers to use on a sky dive! It was a great experience and the children learnt so much.

Goodwood Residential Trip

In April this year our Year 5 children went on a 3 day residential trip to Goodwood, which included time at Pulborough Brooks and Arundel Wetlands Centre.  The children had a fantastic time and were excellent representatives of our school, with outstanding behaviour and manners.  Well done Year 5!

Below are just a few of the comments from the children about the trip.

“At Pulborough Brooks we went pond dipping and saw tadpoles. We also went on a minibeast hunt, using classification keys. It was great fun!”

“We enjoyed going to Goodwood Farm where we saw pigs and sheep. We also saw cows being milked. Some of us were really lucky to watch cows giving birth to their calves – it was disgusting and fascinating at the same time!”

“At the Arundel Wetlands Centre, we got to feed ducks and geese. There was even a mongoose there! We really liked walking around the woods and seeing lots of different birds.”

“The rooms at Goodwood were great and we got to share with our friends; it was sometimes hard to get to sleep though with lots of chatting and giggling! The food was delicious.”