Year 5

What a half term we have had in year 5! To kick things off we travelled back in time to the Victorian era where all of the children were arrested! Their punishments included transportation to Australia.

We heard from young children about their experiences of life in reformatory school and prisons. We learnt all about Queen Victoria and her life making interesting crown shaped booklets to display our knowledge. At Milton Mount we are lucky to have a large collection of replica Victorian artifacts which the children  explored, drew and wrote about. And even better than this Mrs. Swinson brought her own collection of genuine Victorian memorabilia including a bed  warming pan and a sewing machine. In addition we have learned about the industrial revolution and workhouses.





You will receive homework every Wednesday and this should be completed and returned to your class teacher by the following Monday. It will include reading, spellings and maths. Please see below for your latest homework.

  • Practise your spellings
  • Read for 10 minutes a night and bring in your reading journal on a Monday

Meet the Team

Welcome to Year Five (Key Stage 2).
There are 3 classes in Year Five; Willow, Sycamore and Hornbeam.

Team Leader Mr M Moore (Sycamore)
Teachers Mrs C Harrison (Hornbeam)
Mrs E Collins (Hornbeam)
Mrs Y Swinson (Willow)
Teaching Assistants Mrs C Fenn

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.


In PE the children have learned about basketball and gymnastics ending the half term with a hip hop dance workshop which-judging by the smiles on their faces - the children really enjoyed.



Science has been really exciting this half term. We finished off our learning about forces and moved on our new topic Properties of  Materials. Ask your children how they would separate different   mixtures, for example rice and salt, sugar and water, water and sand. They should also be able to tell you the difference between melting and dissolving and explain conductors and insulators.