Year 6

This half-term, Year 6 have been immersing themselves in the lives of refugees. To fit in with our book, ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’, the children have all received red bags with which to carry their new topic books and fill with items as we progress through the topic.

At the beginning of the term, the children were thrown into an imaginary journey where they realised just how little they could take, how devastating it would be to see your home destroyed and how perilous it is to be a refugee. We have explored the world through maps and learnt which countries have high numbers of   refugees and the reasons for this, as well as which countries take in the most refugees (ask your children about this!). We have also   explored where we all come from and plotted this on a world map.


Homework will be set by 4pm on a Thursday and the children have until Wednesday evening to complete it. Any children who haven’t completed it, will be expected to do so during golden time.

Maths: 30mins minimum per week on Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars)

Reading: 15mins per day. Children must complete a quiz on accelerated reader once they have finished their book.

Spellings: to be practised during the week ready for the spelling quiz in class on Friday.

Meet the Team

Welcome to Year Six (Key Stage 2).
There are 3 classes in Year Six; Silver Birch, Mountain Ash and Field Maple.

Team Leader Mr M Moore
Teachers Miss L Laughton (Field Maple)
Mrs T Groves (Silver Birch)
Mr B Dempster (Mountain Ash)
Mr B Overton (Silver Birch)
Teaching Assistants Mrs H O'Donoghue
Mr B Drury

What We Have Been Up To

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently.


In English, the children have been empathising with a refugee and writing a journey story from their point of view; the journeys involve huge amounts of peril and heartbreak and really draw you into the world of a refugee.



In art, we have explored and designed batik patterns and are beginning to  create artwork in preparation for making cushions next half-term.