Online Safety

It is extremely important to us that our pupils, staff, parents and all others in the school community are able to use the internet appropriately and safely.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our children are safe when working online at school. Our online safety curriculum is constantly updated with the changes to the online world.

We follow the Education for a Connected World guidance and teach the following themes –

  • Self-image and Identity
  • Online Relationships
  • Online Reputation
  • Online Bullying
  • Heath Wellbeing & Lifestyle
  • Privacy & Security
  • Copyright and Ownership
  • Managing Online Information.


All children need to sign the following Acceptable Use Agreement in order to use any electronic device in our school.

Acceptable Use Agreement EYFS

Acceptable Use Agreement KS1

Acceptable Use Agreement KS2.rtf


We also have an evolving policy document which details our online safety framework:

Online safety and acceptable use policy Sept 2023

Keeping our children safe when they’re using the internet, social networks, apps, games, etc., is important to us all.  But with the digital world changing constantly this can seem a daunting task.

Internet Matters is a website founded by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. Internet Matters supports parents and carers to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. They offer the best advice and information available to help you engage in your child’s online life and manage the risks they may face online.

Online safety issues


Please see the links below for some useful information for parents and carers about keeping your children safe whilst using technology and the Internet:


For more advice on Parental Controls from your Internet Service Provider and Search Engines, click on these links:


If you have experienced online sexual abuse or you’re worried this is happening to someone you know, please click on the link below for a safe and secure route to a child protection advisor

CEOP Police Reporting