British Values

At Milton Mount Primary School we promote fundamental British values (democracy, rule of law, tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, mutual respect and individual liberty) through a comprehensive programme of PSHE and assemblies. We value diversity amongst our pupils and families, and celebrate this in our teaching and learning. Everyone in school, both adults and children, are encouraged to find out about and appreciate different cultures and beliefs. Respect is a core value and there are high expectations for how we treat each other. As the children work, they also learn to be independent, confident and explain their own views of the world around them. There are lots of opportunities to make choices in the tasks the children do and they often get involved in having their own say in things they do. Each year we hold elections for School Councillors and other important roles within the school. Each class is responsible for creating their own class charter to tie in with the United Nation’s Convention for the Rights of the Child. Everyone endeavours to keep the school’s Golden Rights: be kind; be fair; always try your best and be safe.