PE and Sports Grant

Primary School PE and Sport Funding School Statement

The Government is providing additional funding to improve provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in primary schools.  This funding – provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary schools.  The funding is ring-fenced and can, therefore, only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


Our school will be looking to spend the additional funding on improving our provision of PE and sport.  Some of the ways we may do this are:-

  • A specialist PE teacher is employed one day a week to work alongside teaching staff to plan, execute and review PE teaching
  • A part-time specialist TA is employed to improve lunch time activities, attend sports events and work with the PE PLT and specialist PE teacher.
  • Paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport
  • Providing cover to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport
  • Participating in sport competitions and increasing pupils’ participation in School Games
  • Providing places for pupils at extra curricular school sports clubs
  • Working with other schools in the locality/region
  • Providing additional opportunities for gifted and talented children and children with special education needs


  • The Head Teacher, in the termly report to Governors, will report on:
    • How the Primary School PE and Sport Funding money has been spent
    • An outline of the provision that has been made since the last report
    • An assessment of pupil’s skills and development in PE and sport
  • The Governors of the school will ensure that there is a statement on the school website detailing how the Primary School PE and Sport Funding has been used

Primary School PE and Sport Funding School Expenditure 2018/19

Number of Pupils and PE and Sport Funding Received
Total number of pupils on roll 588
Total number of pupils eligible for PE and Sport Funding 536
Amount of PE and Sport Funding awarded £21,243 + £6,500 c/fwd
Total amount of PE and Sport Funding received £27,743


Links to 5 Key Indicators for Spending PE and Sport Funding 2-17
1.  Increasing to 30 min / day Extra after school clubs to be offered after the employment of Lunch Time Sports & Activities Assistant.  Increase the participation in activities at lunchtimes through organised sporting activies
2.  Ensuring a broad range of activities Employment of Lunch Time Sports & Activities Assistant
3.  Increased competitive sport Paying for release of staff to attend competitions
4.  Raising the profile of PE Improving equipment
5.  Teacher training Continuation of PE specialist



Measuring the Impact of PE and Sport Funding
  • Using the School Games Mark as an indicator for success (Gold was retained for 2018/19), the Gold Mark requires 35% of KS2 children to participate in Inter-School sport.  For the school year 2016-17, 100% of children in Years 3-6 competed
  • Greater confidence of teachers in planning and delivering PE lessons.  The PE Specialist is conducting formal observations of the staff she is supporting and providing next steps for improvement.  Staff survey to be handed out to gage confidence levels before and after working with the PE Specialist
  • Increased participation in after schools clubs with a PE focus
  • Increased participation in intra-school (Level 1) and inter-school (Level 2) sport and PE competitions.  Intra-school competitions take place in years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  100% year 3-6 students took part in inter-school
  • Teacher observations and formal feedback at the end of each unit of work providing feedback and next steps for improvement
  • Records of children who successfully participate in extra-curricular sporting activities. Increase from 23% (15-16) to 84.5% (16-17)  to 100% (18-19) across KS2
  • Improvement in attainment of children in inter-school competitions.  The school was the most successful Primary School in Crawley competitions for the 2018-19 school year. We have won competitions in multiple sports: boys and girls football, hockey, tennis, gymnastics, basketball etc. We also went on to represent Crawley in county competitions in Boys/girls football, cricket, gymnastic, tennis and hockey.
Swimming Data
73.6% of year 6 can swim 25m


Please find below the latest Sports Grant for 2018-19

PE Sports Grant 2018-19


Milton Mount – Sports Premium


Note:  This is a working document and may be subject to additions or revisions (last updated September 2019)